Seeds - Rare Lithops Aucampiae "Jacksons Jade

Seeds - Rare Lithops Aucampiae "Jacksons Jade
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Color: Green
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Thanks for shopping at Windowsill Fairy! All seeds are from a reputable source & are tested for guaranteed gemination by myself. You’ll be receiving 10 seeds of Lithops Aucampiae Jacksons Jade C395. Nice bright green color & interesting pattern. Germination instructions are included. Lithops is a genus of succulent plants in the ice plant family, Aizoaceae. Members of the genus are native to southern Africa. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek words (lithos), meaning stone, & (ops), meaning face, referring to the stone-like appearance of the plants. They avoid being eaten by blending in with surrounding rocks & are often known as pebble plants or living stones. The formation of the name from the Greek -ops means that even a single plant is called a Lithops. - Wikipedia There are many factors for successful germination. I test every batch of the seeds to make sure germination rate is acceptable before listing them. However, it really depends on your sowing environment, equipments & caring methods. Therefore, I can’t guarantee your success. I provide an easy instruction for your referrence but please do your own research as well. Temperature, humidity & the growing media you are using can affect the germination result. Seeds - Rare Lithops Aucampiae Jacksons Jade