Green Drink Recipes

green drink recipes

Green Drink Recipes For Vibrant Health

We love green food and green drinks. They are packed with vitamins and good stuff and have tons of health benefits. Switching to green tea rather than caffeine-loaded coffee and tea has remarkable benefits. In fact, green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest drinks going. Green tea benefits include: fat loss, increased brain function, reduced risk of coronary disease, and protection against cancer. 

Aside from switching your tea to the green variety, smoothies packed with green vegetables are also uber-healthy. We often eat vegetables in small quantities, but a smoothie packs together a bunch of fruit and veg. The result- a filling, yet low-calorie drink that has astonishing amounts of vitamins and fibre. To boost further simply add some green powders. 

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite green drink recipes here, and you’ll be astounded at the amounts of fibre in just one serving.

Green Cucumber & Pear Smoothie

Dieters will love this vibrant green smoothie. Green cucumber contains lots of fibre and water making you feel full. This fibre packed smoothie has an amazing 12 grams of fibre – which is almost half your daily requirement.


🥑 ¼ Florida slimcado

🥑 1 small pear, cored and seeded 

🥑 ½ cucumber, peeled

🥑 1 handful romaine lettuce

🥑 1 handful watercress

🥑 ½ cup fizzy water 

🥑 Sweetener, to taste 




green drink recipes


1. Blitz the ingredients in a blender and serve. 

Nutrition Stats Per Serving: 

Calories 205, Total Fat 7g, Protein 3g, Carbs 35g, Fibre 12g

green drinks recipes

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

This matcha green tea smoothie is perfect for dieters to use as a meal replacement.

The banana and mango are frozen making this drink have a delicious slushy ice cream shake like texture.

The green spinach is loaded with iron and the matcha green tea powder is also loaded with antioxidants which reduce the risk of cancer.


🥬1/2 large frozen mango 

🥬1 frozen banana 

🥬1 large handful of spinach 

🥬1 tsp matcha green tea powder 

🥬120 ml of light coconut milk  


1. Blitz the ingredients in a blender and serve. 

Nutrition Stats Per Serving: 

Calories 205, Total Fat 7g, Protein 3g, Carbs 35g, Fibre 12g

Healthy Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

This smoothie uses green Florida slimcados. They have less fat than Haas or Californian avocados and are ideal for smoothies. The reduced fat content is just enough to provide a filling smoothie.

Chocolate and avocados work well together and cocoa is also a superfood containing tons of iron and flavonoids. These compounds support the heart, brain, and whole-body health by promoting healthy blood flow.


🥑 Flesh of 1/4 of a Florida slimcado 

🥑 3 tbsp cocoa 

🥑 120 ml of reduced-fat coconut milk 

🥑 1 tsp lime juice 

🥑 Stevia drops to taste 

🥑 1/2 cup water



green drink recipes


1.Blitz all the ingredients in a blender, adjust the sweetener to taste and serve. 

Nutrition Stats per Serving: 

Calories: 160, Total Fat: 14g, Protein: 4g Carbs: 16g, Fibre: 5g