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Green Food

green food

Green Food Is Healthy In Season Food

At Greens we are all about green food. But what is green food exactly? Did you know that many fruits and vegetables travel thousands of miles to arrive on your plate? As they do, they are creating a massive carbon footprint in their wake. You may think you are doing yourself a favour by eating lots of fruit and vegetables.                                                                                                                                                                                             

But food retailers think that the British consumer is only interested in eating certain fruits and vegetables that look good and that we are used to. Therefore, lots of produce is wasted, and is shipped needlessly around the world for the purposes of satisfying rather bland palates. Many UK consumed potatoes come from Israel, peas travel from Peru, Guatemala, Kenya and Zimbabwe. And many pulses come from the US and Canada.

Yet we are perfectly capable of growing these crops in the UK. Green food is about taking advantage of local in season crops without them travelling across the globe.

Green Powders

We also love green powders. These are blends of powdered grasses, fruits, and vegetables which pack a huge punch when it comes to meeting your daily recommended targets of micronutrients. You can add green powders to healthy smoothies or just consume as a healthy green drink with water.

But you can also add green powders to hundreds of different recipes. From green eggs to dark chocolate mousse. And everything in between including salad dressings, houmous, pestos, stews, and meat dishes. You can catch all these green food ideas on further Green’s pages and blogs.

green food
green food

Green Drink Recipes

A great way to get your seasonal, healthy green vegetables is to make some of our green drink recipes. Dive into our blog and you’ll find a host of green drink recipes and ideas. From green tea to smoothies packed with vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Smoothies are an amazing way of upping your vitamins and mineral uptakes. You can often get your five-a-day in just one smoothie.

To make a smoothie more satisfying you can add bananas, avocados, mangoes, and coconut milk. Check out pages and blogs for amazing recipes that often contain half of your recommended fibre content for the day in one 200-300 calorie drink.

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green food

Green Food

Of course, green food as in green fruits and vegetables are also a focus of our green-loving blog. Green fooda are green because they contain chlorophyll. This compound is what allows plants to photosynthesise. The natural compound is also present in foods such as algae.

Green food containing chlorophyll is considered to be uber good for you as the fat-soluble compounds have antioxidant properties. Studies are still underway, but in rats it was found that chlorophyll is able to form bonds with carcinogenic chemicals called aflatoxin. It is then more difficult for the aflatoxins to be absorbed and therefore can help stop cancer. It is thought that chlorophyll has many other benefits such as:

Skin healing – It is thought that chlorophyll can support wound healing and reduce inflammation

Weight loss – The jury is still out but studies indicate chlorophyll may support weight loss

Blood builder – Studies have reported that chlorophyll may improve the quality of red blood cells

Reduce Bad cholesterol – It is thought that chlorophyll can reduce cholesterol levels thus supporting heart health

Green Food Ideas

It’s not just green drinks and powders we love. You’ll find a host of green food ideas created with in season vegetables and healthy twists.

So with all these reason to eat green, healthy in-season produce you’ll want to tuck in. You’ll find a host of green food ideas created with in season fruits and vegetables in our blog. 

green food