Primula Laurentiana Seed

Primula Laurentiana Seed
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Color: Purple
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Primula Laurentiana also known as the bird’s-eye primrose, is native to Maine, & is a low-growing plant with flower colors ranging from lavender to a purplish-blue. These flowers have 5 petals with a deep notch, & where the petals meet, they form a yellow eye. The flowers are borne from singly to several on a leafless stalk which is called a scape. The plant’s basal leaves & scape are covered by a whitish fuzz / powder which is known as farinose. It’s general blooming period is spring to early summer & will do best in part shade with moist soil. An interesting fact about this plant is the Latin word primus, which means first, indicates this genus as being one of the first to flower in the spring. It’s also important to make sure this plant doesn’t dry out in between waterings. It is resistant to deer & rabbits & would be best in shady areas of your garden & can also be used in rock gardens. One of the more finicky primulas. 7+ seed per pack Planting Zone: 3 - 8 Part shade Height: under 6 inches Width: 3 - 6 inches Fragrant Attracts Hummingbirds, Butterflies & Bees Resistant to Deer & Rabbit Sowing Advice from a great English Nursery Primula seeds may be sown in good light conditions at any time onto a loam-based compost, barely cover so that around 50% are still visible. We never use artificial heat, primulas are COOL germinators! As a rule best temperatures are usually between 10 & 15 degrees C. (e.g. a cool greenhouse or northerly window sill) PLEASE NOTE: Temperatures exceeding 15 C can prevent germination, & above 20 C expect very little germination as seeds can go dormant as a protective measure. Germination can take up to 6 weeks, but sometimes takes much longer. I urge anyone buying seed to do their homework on germination, I have not raised & cannot raise many of these plants as I am sub-tropics here in St Augustine,Florida. All seed are NOT alike! There are so many different factors in germination & not doing a search is throwing your money away. I want everyone to be successful when growing your flowers from seed it is the most rewarding experience in Gardening & you can do it, if you give the seed what it needs to grow. I always check 3 sites of info to choose how I will go about it. It is not hard to do, if you do it right! SEED GERMINATION TIP ONLY GERMINATE A SMALL PORTION AT A TIME. DON’T PUT ALL YOUR MONKEYS in A BARREL. Good Luck & Happy Planting Primula Laurentiana Seed