Rose Golden Wedding 5.5 Litre Pot

Rose Golden Wedding 5.5 Litre Pot
Brand: Etsy - PlantsByPost
Color: Yellow
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Golden Wedding has deep golden yellow flowers & is very disease resistant. Plant this rose by digging a hole which is twice as big as the pot & mix together compost & fertiliser. Place the rose into the hole, making sure that the top of the root ball is level with the surrounding soil, back fill & firm down. Rose plants benefit from being planted in full sun light. Planting your rose in a sheltered spot will allow the plant to put more resources into flowering. Most what you would call modern roses are produced from a mix of various rose species, many of which that are from far colder places than the UK so are fully hard ready for the UK weather. Every rose will adapt to its conditions. Our Roses will arrive different sizes depending on time of year, they are carefully pruned during the colder months to ensure that they will be strong, healthy growth in spring. For that reason, you may find that a Rose that arrives early in the year is cut back to around 6 inches above the ground. It will burst into life come spring & will grow to 2 ft plus in the first year. Later in the year, a Rose with buds just about ready to burst into flower. We ensure this supply by staggering the early pruning to delay flowering. Comes in a 5.5L nursery pot. Rose Golden Wedding 5.5 Litre Pot