10 Sunchocola Tomato Seeds - New To Shop

10 Sunchocola Tomato Seeds - New To Shop
Brand: Etsy - PenroseLaneVintage
Color: Red
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Sunchocola Tomato Seeds 10 Seeds Sunchocola cherry tomato has a smoky, sweet flavour Fruit has a juicy texture & a flavour that balances low acid with high sugar content Plants are productive, dark green, & indeterminate that produce clusters of 8-12 fruits each along the vine Fruit is large for a cherry tomato, 2.5 x 2.5cm (1 x 1), weighing in at 28 to 56 grams each (1 to 2 oz) Be sure to trellis this tall vine variety, & keep plants picked to encourage more fruit set This variety is well suited to five gallon containers for balcony growing, but be sure to provide support This was our first year for this variety. It won’t be the last. These are the winner of all the new varieties we planted this year. Love, Love, Love them! Thank you for looking & Happy Searching 10 Sunchocola Tomato Seeds - New To Shop