Organic Chamomile Flowers | Matricaria Recutita

Organic Chamomile Flowers | Matricaria Recutita
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Color: Yellow
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Culinary: Beer Tea Works well with fish Cocktails & liqueurs (mad hatter cocktail) Crushed in hot butter added to oatmeal Cordials with honey, lemon & orange, berries & cinnamon Store cordial in fridge & serve over ice cream Add to crunchy toppings for fruit crisps & crumbles Salads Magical: Planet - Sun Sign - Leo Element - Water Gender - Masculine Relieves stress Brings happiness Bath in flowers to soothe tension & solve problems of the heart Sleep & dreams, use in sleep pillows for prophetic dreams Love Money, sprinkle money to draw to you & keep hold of, keep dried flowers in your purse to bring in money Relaxation Purification, use in floor wash to clear negative energies from home Medicinal: Remedy for the digestive system Excellent for nausea, vomiting, indigestion & loss of appetite Sedative Anti-spasmodic Mildly analgesic Will relieve griping, colic & cramping pains Stimulate digestive secretions & relaxes muscles of the gut Relieves headaches & migraines even in children Anti-inflammatory & anti-allergenic properties, useful when applied to irritated skin (Above is only a guide to the most common uses for this herb. Please consult with your GP or Medicinal Herbalist especially if you are on medication are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.) Please see our shop for other products Organic Chamomile Flowers | Matricaria Recutita