Diy Creative Energy Spell Jar | Rjspellworks

Diy Creative Energy Spell Jar | Rjspellworks
Brand: Etsy - RJSpellworks
Color: Grey
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Manifest the spark to get your creative ideas flowing again. Made to order. Each box comes with all the ingredients needed to bring your spell jar together. All you need to add is your own intent. Each box contains: One 3 inch jar with cork One candle One corresponding crystal 5-7 herbs, including a reference sheet for what each herb is intended for Instructions (see below) Creative Energy Red Jasper Salt Red Pepper Flakes Jasmine Caraway Sun Charm to Bring the Energy of the Sun into your Home Pentacle Charm for added Protection Please contact me, prior to purchase, if you have any allergies. Sit in a quiet place & ground yourself Remove all ingredients & candle from box Set your intent & begin filling your jar Place jar on fire resistant plate Put the cork on the jar & place candle on top Trim wick before lighting Please light the candle carefully & away from pets & children Do not leave lit candle unattended If you feel the spell has manifested & wish to dispose of it, please reuse the jar Break the seal, remove the insides & burn them Keep the crystal or bury it in the ground or in a flowerpot Diy Creative Energy Spell Jar | Rjspellworks