Mustard Hyakka Organic Seed 50

Mustard Hyakka Organic Seed 50
Brand: Etsy - TattooGardener
Color: Green
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This beautiful, purple-green leaf mustard is ideal for salads. Its highly blistered, downward-curling leaves are pungent like wasabi, yet sweet, juicy, & crisp. Donated to Seed Savers Exchange in 2002 by member Kazumitsu Tsutsui of Kagawa, Japan, this variety is quite popular on the Exchange, where it has been shared since 1997. Plants reach 16-19 tall & 19-28 wide at maturity & perform best when sown in summer for fall harvest. 80 days. Learn to Grow Hyakka Mustard Start Indoors: 6 weeks before last frost Direct Seed: 1/2 Deep Thin: 1-6 Apart Plant Outdoors: 6-8 Apart You can directly seed your mustards into the ground, placing 3 seeds every 8 inches. Plant them 3 months before your first frost in rows 18-30 inches apart. The seeds should be planted 1/4-1/2 inch deep. As they grow, thin them to 1 plant every 8-10 inches. Mustards may bolt early if planted in the spring. Mustard Hyakka Organic Seed 50