Munstead Lavender Seeds 30+ Ships Free

Munstead Lavender Seeds 30+ Ships Free
Brand: Etsy - SodaCityGreens
Color: Purple
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Thank you for visiting our shop! We are a Certified South Carolina Grown urban farm located in Columbia, S.C. (aka Soda City!) specializing in the production of microgreens, but we grow & sell hundreds of other plants & seeds! All of our seeds are non-GMO, open-pollinated, packed for the current growing year, & shipped with USPS First Class. Seed/Plant info: Munstead is an incredible heirloom English variety of lavender that grows as a perennial herb except in very cold areas. The plant itself is very silvery with fragrant foliage & attractive lavender colored flowers. This variety also grows great in containers! Low growing, compact, bush shape. The plants bloom in early summer & if pruned lightly after flowering may also rebloom in late summer. Grow in full sun in a location with well-drained soil. Grows up to 30. Growing tips: Lavender can be difficult to grow from seed, so be patient! Place your seed tray on a heat mat or in a warm location so that your lavender seeds germinate well. Rather than a traditional potting mix, use a very light seed starting mix or fine vermiculite that drains very quickly. Sow lavender seeds on top of the soil & cover them only very lightly. Add a clear dome greenhouse lid to the seed-starting tray to prevent drying out. The seedlings will germinate in typically in about 14 days but can take up to 21 days! Make sure that the lavender seedlings get sufficient water, but do not let them stay damp, & place them in full sunlight for maximum health. Quantity of seeds per pack: 30+ So, you’ve purchased our seeds, now what? Every type of seed is different so if you have any questions on sowing, growing or storage requirements please let us know! We can provide step-by-step instructions to have you growing like a pro! Munstead Lavender Seeds 30+ Ships Free