Blue Spruce Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

Blue Spruce Bonsai Tree Growing Kit
Brand: Yugen Bonsai
Size: One Size
17 GBP
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Grow your own Blue Spruce Bonsai tree with this all-inclusive starter growing kit. Ideal for gifts, beginners and enthusiasts Growing your dream Bonsai tree has never been so easy with our all-in-one premium growing kits. Discover the charm of the Blue Spruce Bonsai.Native to the Rocky Mountains, the hardy tree thrives in lots of sunlight, with colours from dark green through all shades of blue-green. This kit includes seeds for the beautiful Blue Spruce tree and a detailed Growing Guide.Unlike other kits, you won’t need to visit your local Gardening Centre. Spend your time enjoying the Bonsai experience and adding a beautiful green space to your home.Looking for a high-quality, luxury gift for your loved ones? This premium kit gives the beginner a superior Bonsai experience. No prior practice is necessary.A Bonsai tree lasts a lifetime, start your Bonasai journey the right way.This is a bladed product. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over. not given Variety of growing materials including Blue Spruce seeds, Bonsai pruning trimmer, propagation bags, expanding peat pellets, plant markers, pencil, biodegradable fibre pots, and a detailed starter Bonsai growing guide