Petunia Deddy Mix Flower Seeds

Petunia Deddy Mix Flower Seeds
Brand: Etsy - IvanSeeds
Color: Purple
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Product description: PETUNIA DEDDY MIx Flower Seeds (IN INDIVIDUAL PACKAGING) Petunia is one of the most common herbaceous flowering plants. Perennial, but grown as an annual. The Daddy series blooms profusely with large fragrant, funnel-shaped pink flowers with bright & rich veins in the center. The plant is thermophilic, drought-resistant & photophilous, prefers to grow in sunny, open places. To the soil is undemanding, enough any, moderately fertile. Care consists in regular feeding & watering. It is used to create flower beds, ridges & borders, landscaping balconies - it grows well in boxes, pots & pots. Petunia Deddy Mix Flower Seeds