Stinging Nettle Benefits

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Stinging Nettle Benefits
BY Claire ON 17 Jun 2022

Stinging Nettle Benefits

People are continuously looking for various natural products that will promote calmness and health benefits. Stinging Nettle has been around for thousands of years and comes with multiple various benefits. Let’s take a closer look at what Stinging Nettle benefits we get.

What Is Stinging Nettle?

Stinging Nettle, otherwise just known as Nettle, is a shrub that originates from Asia and Northern Europe. The scientific name of the Stinging Nettle is Urtica Dioica and has plenty of benefits for us. It has beautiful, heart-shaped leaves and yellow or pink flowers. The stem also contains tiny, stiff hairs that release stinging chemicals when touched.

You can crush up parts of the Nettle plant such as the leaves, stem and roots to make products such as powders, creams, teas and more. Researchers have found that stinging nettle contains many potential health benefits and people have been using it for centuries as a herbal remedy.

Different Types of Stinging Nettle Benefits

The number of Stinging Nettle benefits seems almost endless, but let’s jump on and go over the most popular benefits.

The first benefit of Stinging Nettle is for your urinary tract. It is especially good for men who suffer from BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). Studies have shown that men who take stinging nettle extract have fewer symptoms.

Hair loss is an issue battled with by many people throughout the whole world. Stinging Nettle root hair loss helps combat the issues of losing hair from whatever the reason may be. A few of the other Stinging Nettle benefits include:

· Hay fever and allergy treatment

· Lowering blood pressure

· Inflammation reduction

· Controls blood sugar levels

Side Effects of Using Stinging Nettle

Other than the obvious stinging sensation, there aren’t many adverse reactions reported when using Stinging Nettle for health benefits. Without having to be said, for obvious reasons one should avoid Stinging Nettle if you are allergic to the shrub.

Stinging Nettle should also not be taken with certain other medications as they can clash and cause some bad side effects. Some of the medications you should not mix with Nettle include:

· Medication for blood pressure

· Blood-thinning medications

· Anti-inflammatories

Alternative Natural Products That Also Have Health Benefits

If Stinging Nettle isn’t the natural product for you, then there are multiple other products for you to try out. Each of the various natural products will have its own benefits that you can read up on. Let’s see what some of them are.


What is a Slimcado you may ask, well it’s simply a tropical avocado that has much less fat and calories than the regular avocado. A Slimcado is not a GMO and is often 3 to 4 times larger than normal avos. Slimcados are great for everyone’s health in various ways.

Cats Claw

If you’re searching for something that is quite similar to Stinging Nettle, then Cats Claw should be perfect for you! Cats Claw is a herbal supplement that is taken from a tropical vine. It supposedly has the ability to help people with cancer, arthritis and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Our Thoughts on Stinging Nettle Benefits

Stinging Nettle has so many various benefits, it’s outstanding. And with studies showing that there aren’t any harmful side effects, it may be the perfect natural remedy for you! There are Stinging Nettle benefits for people of all ages and genders!