Green Superfoods Growing on the Sidewalk

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Naturally Occurring Superfoods
BY Claire ON 15 Nov 2022

Green Superfoods Growing on the Sidewalk

When people hear the word “superfood”, their thoughts usually go to exotic plants, herbs and spices that revolutionise one’s health and are heavily priced at the local health shop. How relieving it can be to realise that there is no need to search too far and pay too high for superfoods, as many local plants make the cut.

Foraging for Health

Many people are surprised to find out that some plants they once considered to be useless weeds and pulled out from their gardens are, in fact, superfoods. These superfood “weeds” don’t require any effort to grow. They usually grow wild and can easily be found growing in parks and next to the road.

Common amaranth leaf, (the seeds are sold at health food stores as a grain alternative), is one of the most nutritious green leaves available on the planet. The leaves are packed with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, aminos acids and protein. They can replace the leaves that we’re accustomed to using in recipes, like spinach or kale.

No Need to Go Shopping

More healthful greens you can forage are common purslane, a juicy, lemon-flavoured leaf that is known for its high omega 3 content and fat hen, a tasty spinach alternative full very high in minerals. Including these three freely-growing plants in your daily diet will ensure you get essential nutrients for your body’s health, and that your wallet stays healthy too.