Green’s Restaurant And Oyster Bar: A Stand Out Gem

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Green's Restaurant and Oyster Bar
BY Claire ON 12 Apr 2021

Green’s Restaurant And Oyster Bar: A Stand Out Gem

One of the best places to get locally sourced meals in the UK is Green’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar. Its rich history resonates through mahogany panelled walls and green leather banquets. The restaurant which serves locally grown green food as well as locally sourced seafood has a gentleman’s club feel. This is the ideal venue for anyone wishing to have an authentic London dining experience.

An Authentic London Dining Experience

Fewer venues can provide you with as authentic a dining experience as Green’s. Founded by Simon Parker Bowles in 1982, the restaurant has grown formidably into a standout representation of British dining. The restaurant is a fine blend of club-like intimacy with almost Victorian elegance. The restaurant boasts a private dining room that can seat up to 36 guests.

Despite the clubby setting, Green’s Restaurant exudes class. The waiters and bartenders are charming and friendly, and the food served is fantastic. Their oysters are always cold and well prepared. Locally sourced fish features prominently on the menu and the Haddock Parker Bowles, the restaurant’s signature dish, is a must-try. Vegetarian options are also a lot more diverse than most local competitors.

Pricey, but worth it

Green’s restaurant and oyster bar may be a bit pricey, but it is certainly worth it. It is a venue that makes you fall in love at first sight and tries to keep it that way. They are the ideal venue for all seeking an authentic London dining experience. A posh restaurant for posh people.