Using Carrot Tops in Your Diet

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Carrot Tops
BY Claire ON 09 Jun 2022

Using Carrot Tops in Your Diet

Many of us either grow or buy our carrots from the market. Not many of us know that the carrot top can become part of our healthy living choices! Carrot tops are high in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, and iron, in addition to being edible.

What Do Carrot Tops Taste Like?

The green tops of carrots are salty and tangy in flavour, despite the fact that the carrot itself is often sweet. There is a slight taste of carrots in them, but they carry a more earthy taste, like spinach. They’re great for adding flavour to a variety of raw and cooked dishes.

Carrot greens are used in cooking as both a herb and a salad green. It is a good idea to run your hand along their stems before preparing them so that all the flavour can seep from the leaves. Unless you plan on blending the tough stems, toss them out.

How to Use Carrot Tops in Your Food

They are excellent for adding depth of flavour to stocks. Finely chopped leaves are delicious on a salad or as a topping on a side dish. A handful added to your morning smoothie will provide a lot of extra nutrients. Or try it as a pesto by blending carrot tops with olive oil, nuts and a pinch of salt.