Wall Hanging Planters Set Of Three

Wall Hanging Planters Set Of Three
Brand: EKProject
Size: One Size
79 GBP
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Wooden geometric wall hanging planters for air plants display. not given Don’t hestitate to check other products from our shop for different shapes and colours of wall planters.Please allow for slight variations due to the product’s handmade nature and the wood’s natural finish. Note that air plants are selected randomly (but we will make sure they are beautiful). If you would like to choose your own air plant, or get something more personalised, please email us, and we will show you what is available. Planters are made of oak veneer, hand-painted and sealed with vegan soy wax so that you can water-spray directly on the planter.ALL ABOUT AIR PLANTS:- Air plants are very easy to care for.- Make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight.- They should stay in temperature above 8 degrees Celsius.- Spray them with water once a week (or more often if the air is very dry and less when it is humid).- Give them a bath once a month.- Pet and child-friendly.