Viking Sigil Protection Spell Bottle

Viking Sigil Protection Spell Bottle
Brand: Etsy - GypseChyldNaturals
Color: Silver
7.3 GBP
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This 1 ounce black glass bottle with silver metallic touches comes with a twist top. designed with the Viking sigil for protection. All my art is handmade using various materials such as clays, beads, paints, craft paper, paper Mache, various glues & objects to get the texture I desire. All artwork is sealed with a varnish at the end to help seal & protect. Many of these bottles are one of a kind & cannot be duplicated the same. Uses for theses bottles can be anywhere from making your own blends for oils or perfumes to using them for spell & potion crafting or holding moon & spell water in or just a beautiful piece of art to display. Viking Sigil Protection Spell Bottle