Verbena Florist Mix - 200 Seeds Hybrida Flower

Verbena Florist Mix - 200 Seeds Hybrida Flower
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Color: Rainbow
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Garden verbena has five petals that grow in a cluster. Verbena grows best in full sun & well-drained soil. Verbena ‘Polka Mix’ is an annual plant & are mostly ornamental plants. Verbena Florist Mix grows to 12 inches in height & blooms from early summer to fall. Butterflies & bees are attracted to the flowers fragrance. Verbena Hybrida is suitable for window boxes, borders, & rock gardens. Verbena Florist Mix is easy to grow & will bring colour to your garden! Verbena Hybrida has long stems which makes them good cut flowers. Ranging from violet, red & rose & white, Verbena Hybrida will bring summer colours back to your garden. SOWING: Sow: months February-April Season: Annual Height 12 Inches Bloom Season: June-September Environment: Full Sun Soil Type: Clay, Chalk, Sand, Loam Germination Time: 7 - 28 days Temperature: 75F Seeds Watering: Wetting only the soil Plant watering: watering once per week Depth: press into the soil 5mm deep Plant Spacing: 2 - 3 seeds per plant Ideal for: Cut Flowers Verbena Florist Mix - 200 Seeds Hybrida Flower