Vegetable Seeds - Leek Winner 500 Seeds Leek

Vegetable Seeds - Leek Winner 500 Seeds Leek
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Winter leek is an annual plant that can grow to various sizes. Winter leek can be used for cooking & is common for many recipes. Winter leeks have long thick white shafts that survive winter with dark green leaves. Winter leeks is a popular leek to grow as it doesn’t take a lot of maintenance & is easy to grow. Winter leeks taste delicious when sliced, boiled & topped with a cheese sauce. Winter leeks grow best in well-drained soil & access to full sunlight. Winter leeks are best harvested from August-February Sowing: Sow: February-April Season: Annual Height: 3ft (90cm) Harvest Season: August-February Environment: Full Sun Soil Type: Chalk, Loam Germination Time: 7-20 Days Temperature: 10-15C (50-60F) Seeds Watering: Wetting only the soil Plant watering: watering once per week Depth: 13mm (1/2in) Plant Spacing: 6in (15cm) Sow seeds on the surface of a good, free-draining, damp compost at a depth of about 1/2 (1cm), Deep in drills 30cm (12) apart in soil raked to a fine tilth Vegetable Seeds - Leek Winner 500 Seeds Leek