Vajrayogini Meditation Tibetan Incense

Vajrayogini Meditation Tibetan Incense
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Himalayan Mountain incense is produced according to the old wisdom from the Tantric Buddhist Karavira text. This text elaborates on holy medicinal plants & herbs & their positive influence on human health, welfare & the living space. This premium quality handmade incense helps relieve stress related symptoms that stand in the way of health, happiness & peace of mind. They purify, relax & regenerate & therefore help letting go of disturbing energies. These incenses are suitable for use when practicing yoga, meditation, relaxing, for offering & purification rituals & have a earthy Scent 100% natural ingredients. Safe for people & the environment. 20 sticks per package, plus incense holder. A stick burns for approximately 60 minutes. Handmade in Nepal. Vajrayogini Meditation Tibetan Incense