V2 Jalapeno Hot Sauce - Hugo'shotsauces /

V2 Jalapeno Hot Sauce - Hugo'shotsauces /
Brand: Etsy - HugosHotSauces
Color: Green
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Hugo’s Hot Sauces is proud to offer a fresh take on Jalapeno sauces! Hugo’s makes sauces that go beyond basic vinegar & heat to create something special & delicious! This second version of Original hot sauce was so good that all the tasters stuck with calling it V2! We were tired of tasting bland, oily(?), or plain terrible tasting jalapeno hot sauces, so we made our own! This hot sauce offers a wonderful blend of oregano, cilantro & herbs that add something truly special to your food! Pairs with all proteins, vegetables, or anything else to give you a spicy flavor enhancement! Ingredients: Jalapeno peppers, onion, water, vinegar, garlic, salt, lime juice, oregano, cilantro, spices V2 Jalapeno Hot Sauce - Hugo’shotsauces /