Two Herbal Dream Pillows... Pillow Scent Or Linen Scent... An Herb Appeal Favorite

Two Herbal Dream Pillows... Pillow Scent Or Linen Scent... An Herb Appeal Favorite
Brand: Etsy - TheHerbAppeal
Color: Grey
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Drift to sleep with the scent of spearmint & lavender. They smell amazing together! I combined these two potent herbs into decorative pillows that you can place into your own pillow! Place them near where your nose will be able to breathe them in the best, relax, & drift off to sleep… You can use one of the pillows, or both, depending on your preference. I use both & wouldn’t sleep without them, honestly! I just adore them! There is nothing like waking in the night & being lured back to sleep by soothing scent…Just remember to give them a little crush now & again to refresh the scent & awaken the herbs! These are so lovely to place in a nice ceramic dish on the pillows in your guest room when expecting company…what a nice touch to welcome them! OR give them as a gift! They come lovingly wrapped for giving! Hear what others have to say! Excellent customer service! Love the packaging, the sweet little notes, & the freebies! The scent of these pillows is just divine Thanks so much, Jeannine! I will return! Each muslin pillow measures approximately 4 x 2 1/8 & is hand stamped with the wording DREAM. Each will be made to order to ensure freshness. Each is made to order to ensure freshness. You will receive ONE pack of two pillows, packaged similar to what you see above, & ready for gift giving! (The paper color may be different.) These are great for favors & for basket stuffers, so if you need a different quantity for any event please contact me for details & I will be happy to accomodate your needs! Thank you for enjoying The Herb Appeal! Two Herbal Dream Pillows… Pillow Scent Or Linen Scent… An Herb Appeal Favorite