Twisted Planter & Drain Tray | Large 10 Inch Solid Color

Twisted Planter & Drain Tray | Large 10 Inch Solid Color
Brand: Etsy - Imakethingsforu
Color: Black
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An amazing fusion of art & function! This listing is for a made to order planter & tray of your color choice. Seen here in our copper color, you could also order it in your favorite sports teams colors. Primary color is the planter, secondary color is the tray. The Copper & Silver colors tend to be more glossy than the other colors. While the initial design for our medium version of this was from a local plant shop, it was one of my Etsy customers that asked for this in a 10 planter & another for the 8 planter. If you have an idea for a planter design, or gardening tool, let me know & maybe we can make it! The planter has a mesh drain hole that will allow less dirt & more water to drain out into the drain tray. The drain tray is specially designed to elevate the planter, but not noticeably so, to allow the excess water to drain out. Other cool facts about this planter, it was designed to make the best use of space available in the large USPS shipping box to keep shipping costs reasonable. It comes in at roughly 2.5 gallon interior volume It’s made from a corn starch based plastic called PLA that can be composted. This would make a great gift for the plant lover in your life! Or maybe even a great gift for yourself. NOTE about rainbow: It’s different every time. Yours won’t look exactly the same as the picture. Twisted Planter & Drain Tray | Large 10 Inch Solid Color