Triple Lucky Gold Adenium Obesum Apocynaceae Seeds | Desert Rose, Sabi Star, Rosy Adenium

Triple Lucky Gold Adenium Obesum Apocynaceae Seeds | Desert Rose, Sabi Star, Rosy Adenium
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Adenium Obesum Triple Lucky Gold is one of the showiest & most consistent adenium plant seeds available. Parent plant shown produces ornate & decorative double purple with black detail flowers & is a real showstopper. All Images are copyright protected. Germinating Your Seeds: Adenium are very easy to grow, as long as you give them what they need to thrive. They usually germinate within 7 to 10 days & occasionally some will germinate within a day or two. If growing Arabicum, Thai Socotranum, Somalense or especially multi-florum we would recommend increasing the heat slightly, germinate in seed trays instead of pots & do not assume they can just be planted in the same tray as your obesum which germinate much more readily. To encourage Adenium to germinate you need a few key ingredients. 1. Fresh Seeds 2. Lots of Light (Sunlight or Grow lights) 3. Heat (25 - 35 degrees Celsius) 4. Water (Humidity) 5. Good Draining potting mix When your seeds arrive they will be securely packaged & separated into the named varieties you have bought to avoid damage in transit & so you know which seed is which. Please note that all packaging is recyclable & / or reusable. Step 1 Soak seeds in warm water for a minimum of 2 - 4 hours to rehydrate the seed. Our preferred method is to soak them overnight & plant them the following morning. Fill a seed tray with a quick draining potting mix, something like the following combination works out great value with high germination rates: 50/50 mixture of Cactus Compost & Perlite although we prefer to use coco coir. Make a 3- to 4-inch layer of the potting mixture in the seed tray. Step 2 After the seeds have soaked for the allotted time carefully place the Adenium seeds on the potting mixture surface, spacing them about 1 - 2 inch apart. Barely cover the seeds with the potting mixture. Step 3 Water your Adenium seeds to thoroughly moisten the potting mixture in the seed tray. Water the seeds once every week, only when the potting mixture is almost dry you can choose to mist them with a spray bottle if you prefer. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY OUT & DO NOT LET THE MIxTURE BECOME WATER LOGGED. Step 4 Maintain air temperatures around the Adenium seeds of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It would be ideal if you had a propagator & a good light source. Move the seed tray into full sunlight when the seeds germinate & begin to sprout. Step 5 Transplant the seedlings when they have at least three sets of true leaves, which are the larger leaves that emerge after the smaller seedling leaves. You can usually transplant the seedlings about one month after planting the seeds. Triple Lucky Gold Adenium Obesum Apocynaceae Seeds | Desert Rose, Sabi Star, Rosy Adenium