Tomato Seeds Volgogradsky/323

Tomato Seeds Volgogradsky/323
Brand: Etsy - IvanSeeds
Color: Black
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Product description: Tomato seeds VOLGOGRADSKY/323 (in individual packaging) The plant is determinate, compact, medium-leafy. The inflorescence is simple, short. Fruits in the inflorescence are 3-5. The fruit is flat-rounded, smooth & slightly ribbed, red. The fruits are used fresh & for processing. Tomato Volgograd 3/23 instructions & terms of sowing seeds 5 g Seeds are planted in a wide container to a depth of about 2 cm & a distance of at least 2 cm between the plant. Usually in mid-March. Water well (it is better to spray), cover with polyethylene or thin glass, put in a warm, bright place. The moisture formed under the polyethylene promotes favorable seed germination. The temperature should be at least 23 degrees. After the emergence of most shoots, the film is removed. Tomato Seeds Volgogradsky/323