'To My Perfect Matcha' Greetings Card

'To My Perfect Matcha' Greetings Card
Categories: Green Powder, Powder
Brand: Rose + Daff
Size: One Size
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A beautiful Matcha Illustrated Birthday, Anniversary or Valentines Card. ‘To my Perfect Matcha is a fun card to gift a loved that LOVES Matcha! An eco friendly card to gift all those Matcha Latte and Nutrition loving friends or family members in life. Perfect for a Birthday, Anniversary or Valentines occasion. Help spread the love and positivity of antioxidants!Ethically Printed onto 100% Consumer Post Waste Card and comes with a Recycled Envelope (to help support a circular economy).This is part of my ‘Vegn Love Bug’ Greeting Card Range, all cards have been illustrated, painted and edited by R + D. I am passionate to promote an ethical lifestyle and have used 100% recycled materials for the card, packaging and envelope. not given Printed onto 100% Recycled Post Waste FSC Certified card, 300gsmIncludes a 100% Recycled Kraft EnvelopePackaged in 100% Recycled Paper WrappingProtected in a 100% Recycled Kraft Envelope when posted.