Timtreats Chinchilla Treat Cookies 2Oz Bag

Timtreats Chinchilla Treat Cookies 2Oz Bag
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Brand: Etsy - Chinquility
Color: Red
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Ever wanted to give them more treats but knew you couldn’t or shouldn’t because it’s just not good for them? Well, now you can! We split single servings of treats into multiple cookies so it is easy to divide them up for multiple days. Now they can have the daily reward they crave! Or when they beg for more than a few crumbs of treat that disappears in seconds you can happily hand over another Timtreat, secure in the knowledge that while they think they are getting more than is good for them, a single serving contains no more than their usual, healthy amount of treat, just made to last. Each serving of Timtreats contains a single serving of botanical treat (3 large/6 small Timtreats = 1 pinch) Timtreats come in a wide variety of whimsical shapes. We define a serving of treat as a pinch of petals, leaves or crumbs, or a single berry. A 2 oz bag of Timtreats will go a long way! We carefully blend an organic flavor infusion of chinchilla safe botanicals with the finest processed timothy hay flour to create a healthy, light-weight treat your chinchilla will love. Timtreats are just the right size for the chinchilla paw & one-handed eating. We do not use ground-up food pellets, fruit, or any other additives as glue or flavor enhancers in our treats. This ensures that when you feed a Timtreat you know exactly what you are giving to your fuzzy friend. All our treats are tasted & approved by our fuzzy research team: Naga & Liprica. Ingredients: Timothy hay, organic botanical treat flavor, spring water Serving size: A Timtreat serving is 3 large or 6 small treats. This contains the equivalent of a single berry or a pinch of leafy treat. Flavors: Goji berries Dandelion root Hibiscus Red rose Chamomile Rosehip Strawberry leaf Raspberry leaf Calendula Bee pollen Peppermint Lavender Timtreats Chinchilla Treat Cookies 2Oz Bag