Three Chilli Sweet Dry Rub Recyclable Pouch 125g

Three Chilli Sweet Dry Rub Recyclable Pouch 125g
Brand: Cut to the Smoke
Size: One Size
7.99 GBP
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Three Chilli Sweet Rub (125g) “Award Winning” Great Taste Awards “A pungent, aromatic spice mix with quite a hefty dose of molasses. The balance of the spices is extremely harmonious, possibly a touch short on salt, with the deep, fruity notes of the chillis carried by the sweetness of the sugar and garlic bringing more depth. The chilli continues to develop in complexity as it lingers in the mouth, offering warmth, fruit and smoky notes, but never become overly aggressive. A really flavoursome rub.“No artificial preservatives or flavouringsLow glycaemix Index, low in fructose, high in dietry fibres (Coconut sugar replaces refined sugar)Made from 100% fully recyclable packaging not given Ingredients - Coconut Sugar, Chilli’s Ancho, Pasilla, Guajillo (15%), Celery, Cumin, Oak Smoked SaltAllergens CELERY, May contain traces of nuts or sesame