The Uncommon Apothecary 160 Hard To Find Herbs

The Uncommon Apothecary 160 Hard To Find Herbs
Brand: Etsy - Coven66
Color: Grey
67.71 GBP
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This apothecary is designed for witches who already have all the common herbs that can be found at your local grocery. Unlike most herb kits, the uncommon apothecary doesn’t contain Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme, Cinnamon etc so you can expand your herb collection without getting herbs you already have. Each herb is packaged in a clearly labeled 2x3 inch BPA free resealable bag. 55 Uncommon Herbs are now available in mini bags. You’ll get the same herbs as in the full-size version, packaged in 1.5x2in bags, giving you the same variety in smaller portions for an affordable price. if you have purchase from Coven66 before, you may notice that some of our shipping times have been increased. Coven66 is in process of renovating & moving to a larger facility so my time is divided between working on renovations, travel & filling orders. Once we have moved times will return to normal. I have adjusted shipping times to the longest it could take for an order to ship. When scheduling allows, I will try to get orders out sooner. The Uncommon Apothecary 160 Hard To Find Herbs