The Paradise Collection Tropical Bath Salts

The Paradise Collection Tropical Bath Salts
Brand: Fire and Wolf
Size: One Size
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Tropical scented bath salts designed to help you relax and whisk you away somewhere exotic, A beautiful mix of Himalayan and Epsom salts. The Paradise CollectionOur summer scent range of bath salts delivers punchy, fresh and fruity scents which will transport you away to a warm far away destination. Perfect to bring the holiday into your bathroom while you relax and dream of destinations unseen or memories of past travels.Each jar of bath salts is a blend of Himalayan Rock Salt and Epsom fine salts. Fragranced with oils and a little hint of colour to give your bath that holiday feel. Find me at the Beach : A divine aroma of Coconut and Pineapple. bringing you that distincive fragrance of sun tan lotion with a citrus twist to give you a feel of the tropics.Find me by the Ocean:Sandy toes and Salty Kisses… that is the memories these fragrant salts will deliver. Oceanic scent with Driftwood and Citrus, leaves you feeling clean and fresh. Lay back and dream of walking hand in hand along the sandy shoreline at dusk.Find me with a Cocktail :Remembering all those summer nights with cocktails and friends. This blend of Thai Lime and Mango will bring you memories of late night cocktails when you partied until the sun rise. Choose from 3 amazing scents of Coconut & Pineapple, Thai Lime & Mango or the devine Driftwood & Citrus. All salts are made from Himalayan rock salt and Epsom fine salts, using fragrance oils and little hint of colour.