The Moon Roll On Oil For Intuition

The Moon Roll On Oil For Intuition
Brand: Etsy - TheCandleMagicShop
Color: Dark Olive
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The Moon Oil is a delicate blend of jasmine & sandalwood essential oils diluted in sweet almond oil. Each glass bottle contains crystal chips & herbs according to the Moon correspondences. It is a magickal tool to work with prophetic dreams, sleep, spirituality, fertility & healing. It helps you to open your third eye. Wear it for meditation, scrying or reading tarot cards. It also helps you at night when you sleep, it is very interesting for dreaming. Apply onto pulse points: temples, neck, behind the ears & on the wrists every time you want to attract the energy of the Moon. You can also roll it on your candles, on your crystals, or the altar. The Moon Roll On Oil For Intuition