The Cats Meow, Catnip, Cat Hebs

The Cats Meow, Catnip, Cat Hebs
Brand: Etsy - AiryFairyApothecary
Color: Green
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The Cats Meow is an herbal mix sure to please even those finicky of cats. Contains: Catnip, Dandelion leaf, Chamomile flower, Goldenseal & Valerian Root Comes in a reusable ziptop, mason jar bag. 100% NATURAL: Grown in the USA, our catnip plants are safe, pure, & 100% organic. ALWAYS preservative, pesticide, filler, herbicide & artificial ingredient free because that’s what our feline companions deserve. SAFE & HEALTHY: Play is a vital activity to relieve anxiety & boredom & maintain a healthy weight in cats. Our pure, strong catnip safely stimulates cats young & old; long may they reign. FREQUENCY: The Cats Meow can be given every other day to cats. This ensures that your cat will be able to experience a positive reaction towards the catnip every time they encounter it. NON-ADDICTIVE: The Cats Meow is a non-addictive. Don’t forget to consult you vet prior to using herbs. Like you, your cat should benefit from these natural herbs. Note: Colors & sizes may vary The most important ingredient in all our products is LOVE I encourage you to research the health benefits of all herbs & flowers listed here have to offer. I’m sure you will be pleased with your findings. Just fresh organic herbs NO fillers No returns or exchanges But please contact me if you have any problems with your order. Let’s Be Social! Linktree: Follow us on Instagram: Like our Facebook page: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Pin us on Pinterest: The Cats Meow, Catnip, Cat Hebs