The Bird Zen Forage Box

The Bird Zen Forage Box
Brand: Etsy - Minniespetark
Color: Grey
10 GBP
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The one with all Also select if you want any extras to be included with your box. Luxury forage box made from a mixture of all avaiable organic ingredients inuding dried flowers, fruit, grasses, seeds & herbs. Suitable for most species of bird & especially loved by parrots! This is a treat, not a complete feed & should be fed alongside a varied diet suitable for your species. I recommend speaking to your vet before making any major dietary changes or if your pet has a pre existing health condition that could effect their suitability. Ingredients: Medow grass Sage Basil Dandelion Parsley Hibiscus Rose Marigold Banana Blueberries Raspberries Blue peas Maple peas Red Dari Black Dari Mealworms The Bird Zen Forage Box