Tatarian Dogwood Tree Seeds

Tatarian Dogwood Tree Seeds
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Thank you for choosing TreeSeedMan for purchasing you quality tree & shrub seeds for growing tree & shrubs of your very own from seeds for growing trees, Our listings include many available options for amounts of seeds to purchase to fulfill most peoples requirements for amounts of seeds they would like to purchase. Starting with as few as 5 seeds as an option & all the way up to 1,000+ seeds as options with many other amounts available between those numbers so every one can get the amount they want to get. Purchase any amount you desire & we will fulfill that amount desired. Most people will find the amount they desired in the dropdown menu for variation seed amounts options Most of our seeds are sold in a dormant state & you must follow the required pretreatment the seed need to have done to them to break dormancy & began their life of becoming a tree. Do not plant your seeds until they are given their specific required pretreatment. Tree seeds generally require a combination of scarification, warm stratification & cold stratification, but often will not need all 3 types of pretreatments & you will need to discover the specific types & amounts of times your specific type of tree or shrubs will ne to be able to germinate & start growingIf this information is know by us we show you the type of requirements in the pictures on that types listing… we are not always told a type of seeds pretreatment requirements, however you will generally find a good guideline for the requirements by doing a quick search on the internet. Please do a search for that info. Im sorry, but i can not honestly be expected to know this info on the 900+ different types of seeds i am selling in this shop to people for them to grow that type of tree.l please understand this. WE GIVE ExTRA SEEDS FOR FREE WITH EVERY ORDER PURCHASED FROM OUR SHOP. IT IS OUR WAY OF THANKING YOU FOR DOING BUSINESS WITH OUR SHOP & ALSO FOR THE SIMPLE FACT THAT ALL TREE SEEDS DO NOT GERMINATE & MANY ORDERS ARE PLACED FOR THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF SEEDS WE OFFER ON OUR LISTINGS, GENERALLY 5 or 10 seeds from people expecting that if they buy 5 seeds those 5 seeds will all grow into 5 full grown trees…This generally will not happen & you should always purchase more seeds than the number of trees you are expecting to end up with. By giving you extra seeds we are trying to make that expectation a reality & want all of our sales to be positive & the buy get what they expected. please do not order 5 seeds & expect 5 trees… ALWAYS BUY ExTRAS NOTE ON SHIPPING COSTSimply put, if less than $7 was paid for shipping you will be sent a NON-MACHINABLE ENVELOPE VIA USPSIF $7 or more is paid for shippng shipping then you paid for a 1ST CLASS PACKAGE VIA USPSorders over $10 must upgade & choose the package option, per etsys requrements of orders over $10 including a tracking number….this is the buyers responsibility to upgrade their shipping option. Standard shipping price is set for small orders being sent a