Syrup Infusions

Syrup Infusions
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All natural syrup infusions. 100% pure organic ingredients. 4 fl oz. SIx WEEK SHELF LIFE Spice up your life with Brown Sugar Botanica’s small batch, organic syrups. Add your favorite flavor to your coffee or tea, craft an artisanal cocktail, or get creative with cooking! For recipes & inspiration visit @brownsugarbotanica on instagram. [HIBISCUS + ROSE SYRUP] Turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw), filtered water, organic hibiscus, wild rose [LAVENDER SYRUP] Pure sugar cane, filtered water, organic lavender, organic blue butterfly pea flower This is a natural color changing syrup because of the Blue Butter Pea Flower. Butterfly pea flower is particularly known for its ability to change from blue to purple depending on the pH. Try adding a bit of lemon or lime & watch it transform before your eyes! [BURNT BROWN SUGAR + VANILLA SYRUP] Organic brown sugar, filtered water, organic vanilla bean [SUGAR + SPICE] Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic Turbinado Sugar (sugar in the raw), filtered water, Organic Cinnamon - Shipping is calculated based on weight/dimensions of item & where it’s being shipped. All orders shipped on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday via USPS Syrup Infusions