Sweet Pepper Seeds Swallow

Sweet Pepper Seeds Swallow
Brand: Etsy - IvanSeeds
Color: Purple
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Sweet pepper seeds SWALLOW Pepper Swallow Medium-early variety of pepper, technical ripeness occurs on the 120-125th day after germination, fruiting period 12 days or more. Standard bush, semi-spreading, up to 100 cm high. The fruit is cone-shaped, light green in technical ripeness & red in biological ripeness. The thickness of the pulp is up to 6 mm, the weight of the fruit is 60-70 g. The content of ascorbic acid is 100-110 mg / 100 g in technical ripeness & 160-200 kg / 100 g in biological ripeness. Productivity in a winter greenhouse is 6-10 kg per 1 m2, in a film greenhouse - 4-6 kg per 1 m2. Sweet Pepper Seeds Swallow