Superfood Starter Pack

Superfood Starter Pack
Brand: Etsy - DetoxTrading
Color: Purple
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If you are new to superfoods & want to improve your overall health & daily nutritional intake & not sure where to start, then superfood starter pack is for you. Our Detox Trading superfood starter pack is a wonderful introduction to our most popular superfoods. As it’s so beautifully presented, this also makes a great gift. -250g of organic ashwagandha powder: stress-busting adaptogen. -250g of organic spirulina powder: protein & iron-rich green powder. -250g of organic raw cacao powder: the nutritious essence of chocolate, simply the best! -500ml of organic coconut oil: cook with it, use it on your skin & hair, it’s versatile & delicious! -250g of organic maca powder: mood-boosting, energising & harmonising for your body. The products are packed in a natural & sustainable gift box with eco, recycled packaging. Each superfood starter pack box contains a ‘How to’ guide outlining the potential benefits of each product, & how to use them. Allergen-free from: Peanut, Peanut Oil Tree nuts Sesame Seeds Milk & Derivatives Eggs Fish Shellfish Soya Wheat & Gluten Sulfites Other Known Allergens Free from any GMO The UK governments nutrition & health claim regulations are very strict, as a result, we can’t state the full benefits of this product on our site, therefore we encourage you to do your internet own research. Superfood Starter Pack