Sunshine State Seeds #11 Space Coaster Sunflower Seed Packet - F2 Hybrid Open Pollinated Branching Blooms Orange Red Yellow Flowers

Sunshine State Seeds #11 Space Coaster Sunflower Seed Packet - F2 Hybrid Open Pollinated Branching Blooms Orange Red Yellow Flowers
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Welcome to Sunshine State Seeds! Thank you for stopping by to check out our listing! We grow a variety of sunflower plants in our Southeastern Florida Garden. Each season we add new, unique sunflowers to plant & enjoy with our Home Hybrid’s in our open pollinated gardens. We allow nature to take its course, & after natural cross-pollination, nourishment in our garden, & a little bit of TLC, unique sunflower plants are born! Of course we cannot forget to thank the pollinators for their part in creating the lovely blooms. All of our seeds come directly from plants that we have grown, allowing me to personally select the strongest seeds for our packets to share with you here. Each of our specific seed types are stored separately from one another, & planted to test for germination & growth. We also send our seeds to family, friends, & colleagues in different parts of the country to help test the germination rates in non-tropical climates. Our open pollinated hybrid seeds have produced beautiful blooms not only here in Florida, but in Wisconsin, Arizona, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York & New Jersey. This list keeps growing thanks to our loyal customers & supportive gardeners from all over The United States!! The seeds you are purchasing here come directly from Sunshine State Seeds’ Florida Garden. This listing is for one seed packet of our F2 #11 Space Coaster Sunflower Each seed packet contains 20 seeds (+ a few extra when our supply allows). Our Space Coaster Sunflower is one of my favorites that we’ve been growing since our 2021 summer season. This hybrid sunflower variety blooms well through Autumn & even the milder winter months here in Florida! All of the beautiful sunflowers in the listing’s photographs grow & are growing from Sunshine State Seeds #11 Sunflower seeds. The tiny, thin, jet black seeds have produced blooms of orange, golden yellow, & everything in between. The orange & yellow blend to create a coral-like color bloom on some of the plants. As with any of our hybrid sunflower seeds, your sunflower plant may produce flowers that differ from the blooms in the photographs. The surprise is half of the fun when you sow something special with Sunshine State Seeds! For more photographs, please follow the hashtag on Instagram! #seed11sunflower Instructions for Planting: After danger of the last frost in your area, sow each seed 1/2 inch deep into a large pot, or directly into your garden. If sowing directly, space seeds approximately 8-12 inches apart from one another. As their name suggests, Sunflowers do love the sun, so be sure to plant or transplant them where they will receive plenty of those rays! Seeds may take anywhere from 4-14 days to germinate, on average. If you are like me, you may want to allow them up to 20 days to sprout… I give every seed a chance. You will want to generously water in the seeds after sowing them in your desired location. Then just keep the soil moist & watch for sprouts! If you start your seeds