Sun & Moon Indoor Plant Pot With Saucer

Sun & Moon Indoor Plant Pot With Saucer
Brand: Etsy - VArtBoutiqueVAB
Color: Orange
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NOTE: COMING WITHOUT PLANT We are pleased to present you our SUN & MOON design indoor plant pot. This design is available in different sizes. During the technological process, when almost everything around us is created with the help of a computer & printed or is an electronic file, & so rarely can you find something made by hand. We want everyone to have a chance to have handmade products & be able to find the best one for themselves or their loved ones. That’s why we decided to share our creativity with you. Our shop has a wide range of hand-painted products, which is periodically increasing, & we will try to present new designs even more often. We are also ready to make personal orders, such as a pot, canvas, or something else. If you like the pot’s design but are not satisfied with the size, you can contact us, & we will do our best to satisfy Your request. We also welcome your ideas, & if you have any design wishes, we can help you. We use acrylic paints & acrylic varnishes in the production of our products. If you need more specific information about the materials we use, we will be happy to provide it. Please get in touch with us, & we will answer all your questions & do our best to help. IMPORTANT RECOmmENDATIONS: Things made by hand are more sensitive & require more attentive care; if you follow these rules, you will enjoy this thing for a long time. We recommend dry cleaning. However, if you still use water for cleaning, wipe the product with something dry & ensure that the product does not stay wet. The use of cleaning sprays & stuff like that is not recommended. We also recommend NOT placing the product near a heater. Also, we recommend unpacking your package as soon as you receive it, as extended time in the box may damage the design. Sun & Moon Indoor Plant Pot With Saucer