Succulent Home Desk Corner Planter

Succulent Home Desk Corner Planter
Brand: Etsy - TinkeringTings
Color: Beige
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Succulent Indoor Garden Pot with drainage. Give your Succulent a stylish Roman-inspired Tower to live & decorate your office, bedroom, living room, kitchen etc. This little planter has the over water drain in the lower level. If you see water there, you have watered too much. The bottom vents allow the soil to breathe too. 3d printed in a recyclable Wood filament similar to Beige colour, this little pot will most certainly impress friends, family or even work colleagues. At Tinkering Tings, we strive to provide an excellent shopping experience & only use the best materials available from respectful suppliers, as a result, we are proud to offer unique high-quality products at reasonable prices. DIMENSIONS: H - 7.5cm/ 3in W - 10.5cm/ 4in D - 8.5cm/ 3.5in DISPATCH: Please be assured that your planter will be carefully & safely packaged for delivery. FREE UK DELIVERY For more information, news about our latest products or to reach out to us, please follow us on INSTAGRAM: @Tinkeringtings NO JOB IS TOO BIG, NO ORDER IS TOO SMALL All of our products are highly customisable therefore if you have a request or would like this product in a different size or colour, please get in touch & I’ll be happy to help you. Q&A: Why Should I buy from Tinkering Tings? - Although a small business, here at Tinkering Tings we aim to provide a highly valued service not only in our products but also in our customer services too. What Can I expect from you when placing my order? - Expect to be included in the process from the moment you complete your order till the last minute before dispatch as we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Will you Pleasantly Surprise me? - Oh, YESSSS Every order is unique for us & besides a carefully crafted item, you’ll always find a little extra gift inside your box. Why no Returns? - Our products are Sold as Seen & through high-resolution photos, we aim to show our products as you’d receive. However, also aim to solve any misunderstandings shall they occur just contact us. Is Delivery really free? - Yes We offer free of charge delivery to all of the UK. Is there anything else to say? - Yes there is. Although a lot of effort & care is put into every product, given the nature of how we manufacture our products (i.e via 3d printer) sometimes very small imperfections will occur. However rest assured that such imperfections will not impact the overall look of your product & will still be subject to our high-quality level of inspection, & only products that pass such inspection will leave our shop. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: PLA (or Polylactic Acid) is a thermoplastic made of renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane, it’s a natural polymer designed to substitute widely used petroleum-based plastics like PET (polyethene terephthalate). The melting point of PLA is 160C+ therefore, we strongly advise you to keep this product away from heat sources such as: fires, heaters, stovetops, ovens etc… Contact with heat and/or pressure may