stitch Hexagon 4

stitch Hexagon 4
Brand: Etsy - AttitudeandSass
Color: White
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Stitch has a ‘stitch’ running down one corner to look like it was sewn together. All of the other corners are smooth & rounded. new are slightly larger. This planter has 7 drainage holes & our coordinating colorful drip tray holds the pot just above the bottom of the tray so your plant won’t get a soggy bottom. & each tray includes a heart in the center because every plant should feel the love. New Dimensions: Opening Diameter: 4.2 Overall Diameter w/drip tray: 4.6 Height: 4.6 Depth: 4.2 Approximate Weight: 5.4 oz. Old Dimensions: Opening Diameter: 4 Overall Diameter w/drip tray: 4.4 Height: 4.5 Depth: 4 Approximate Weight: 5.4 oz. Plants not included This is the perfect size pot for small cacti, succulents, plants or herbs. Makes a great gift! Add to a gift bag, use it as a living table topper, or as a beautiful housewarming gift. Cute in a group or alone. Due to the nature of 3D printing each piece will be unique. We 3D print these in our home & they are made of PLA that consists of renewable raw materials that are biodegradable. We ship with minimal packaging that comes from natural and/or recycled materials that can be recycled or used again. stitch Hexagon 4