star Anise 25G 100G - Whole Illicium Verum -Badian Spices Quality Herbs &

star Anise 25G 100G - Whole Illicium Verum -Badian Spices Quality Herbs &
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Star Anise - Whole Anise Star - Illicium Verum -Badian Oriental flavor of Star Anise on your table! Star Anise comes from the Mediterranean - From the very beginning, people realized that they were dealing with unusual spice. This has not changed until today. Those who can use it & know what to combine with regularly return to anise seeds. Star Anise - Health Benefits The anise stars, apart from the taste, also have health-promoting properties. The most important advantages are: - improvement of digestion & metabolic changes - help during illness. From anise seeds, you can brew very effective tea against colds & sore throats - reduction of flatulence - soothing effect on the entire digestive system - beneficial effects on the skin. Star Anise in your kitchen Rich properties make anise very popular in an increasing number of English cuisines. They can be successfully added to salads with chicken, fruit salads, compotes, liquors, hot drinks or sweet cottage cheese. All dishes with the addition of grains of anise taste characteristically, uncommonly. Anise is also a component of teas for immunity & mulled wine. It combines well with alcohol, especially dark beer & red wine. They can also be added to preserves & veggies. Sealed in a jar of apple or pear with aniseed grains will have a unique taste. Our bountiful & vibrant collection is any crafter’s dream-come-true. These lovingly-tended botanicals are perfect for scores of DIY projects like candles, soaps, perfumes, skincare, potpourri, & home or wedding dcor. It’s like having your own personal English Garden to pick from! You will receive your selected amount of dried petals or flowers, freshly sealed in a zip - lock bag. Flowers are AIR DRIED in the sun to prevent discoloring & browning. These ARE NOT FRESH CUT FLOWERS! They whole flowers, loose petals, as pictured. Please note that this is a natural product, & there may be variations in colour or scent from batch to batch. We strongly recommend to add tracking service for international orders (which can be found in shipping upgrades during checkout) star Anise 25G 100G - Whole Illicium Verum -Badian Spices Quality Herbs &