Simply Lemon Gourmet Sea Salt | All-Natural Flavoured Seasoning Salts

Simply Lemon Gourmet Sea Salt | All-Natural Flavoured Seasoning Salts
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The distinct taste of 100% pure ground whole dried lemons in a convenient form infused into kosher sea salt. Can be used in any meal for light seasoning with a citrus punch. Enjoy a unique taste experience with our all-natural flavour infused kosher sea salts featuring freshly ground fruit & vegetable powders. For the home chef or as a gift for a loved one you will be absolutely delighted with our premium spice blends providing convenience & value. Simply Spices - Simply Delicious. The Spicy Sea Salt Collection - We naturally air-dry whole fruits & vegetables & grind to powder just before each batch is made. Select fresh spices are added & hand-blended with coarse sea salt & allowed to naturally infuse the flavours. All-natural sea salts at their best. Ingredients: kosher sea salt, pure lemon powder 1.7 oz vol - 10 teaspoons per pouch Packaged in a heat sealed zip-top pouch ensuring freshness & great taste. Small batch production with premium ingredients provides excellent quality & value. Seasoning Sea Salt Uses Sea salt can be used anywhere you would use regular table salt but you won’t need as much & it’s used mostly as a finishing salt employing crunch & a distinct complementary taste. - Rub any meat a few hours before grilling - Toss roasted vegetables & roast to tender. - Season your favourite pasta dish just serving. - Finish any stir fry dish along with soy. - Use it to add a kick to any vinaigrette. - All kinds of egg dishes - Sprinkle it on buttered popcorn - Cook in vegetable or bean soups - Soup & stews - Finish your steak, chops, or burgers add to Pepper Jack Mac, or cheese bread - Avocados - guacamole, avocado toast - Roasted or sauteed onions - in coleslaw, potato salad or egg salad - Vegetable juice & Caesar cocktail - Mix into ground meats before cooking - Use as a finishing salt on food right off the grill - Sprinkle it on smoked almonds, or on smoked pumpkin seeds - Meat rub (Fun fact: celery salt is one of the eleven secret spices used in KFC’s fried chicken!) - Mix with unsalted butter & slide under the skin of a chicken & roast or broil - Hot dog topping - Cook rice, quinoa, & other grains according to packaging instructions & season with flavoured sea salt before serving. Be creative & find new ways to spice up any meal. Follow us at: NOTE: All of our products use air-dried fruits & vegetables with no additives so there may be some clumping with the natural sugars & by settlement. This is completely normal & can be returned to free flowing form by simply lightly shaking the pouch. You will also find that due to the natural dehydration methods the fruits & vegetables do not dissolve & disappear into liquid but instead re-hydrate into bits of the original fruit. This is a delightful feature of all-natural ingredients but we simply wish to make you aware of this. SHIPPING: Orders are shipped in 1-2 business days & generally faster depending on the time of day the order is received.