Shumard Oak | Quercus Shumardii Bare Root 4-5 Year Old

Shumard Oak | Quercus Shumardii Bare Root 4-5 Year Old
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You are buying Exact Plant, Shumard Oak (Quercus Shumardii) bare root 4-5 Year Old bare root, dormant. Shipping it with roots wrapped in wet media during dormancy (September-April), in container with soil May through September. It is recommended to pot it or plant it in open ground promptly as you receive it (dormant plants). Keep roots moist all the time. Plant will be sent secured in the box. It has developed good root system & ready to be transplanted to the permanent location. Plant was more then 6-7 feet tall, pruned hard to 36 inch shipping box & to promote branching. See the pictures. Quick shipping methods will keep your tree in the best shape for its trip across the country. I ship items after payment is received. Feel free to ask me any questions about this item. I am always glad to help you. Shipping with tracking number in USA. International buyers - contact me first as not all countries I am shipping plant to. I prefer to mail plant material on Monday or Tuesday (Rather beginning of the week) - only to assure that it will not sit on a shelf in the post office over the weekend. Please check your State local laws for plants entry. Due to U.S.D.A. regulations, some plants cannot be shipped to Tx, FL, AZ, HI, CA, Puerto Rico. We will not be responsible for confiscated items while being shipped. Shumard Oak | Quercus Shumardii Bare Root 4-5 Year Old