Shadow Self Herbal Tea

Shadow Self Herbal Tea
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Some say that we have two selves- the mask & the one that no one sees. Carl Jung’s archetype; the Shadow Self, is the part that few ever see. The ‘Shadow’ is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you don’t want to admit to having. It is known to be hidden & unconscious. It is only through effort to become self-aware that the Shadow surfaces. This tea is created with the intention of drawing out the Shadow Self. Do not place in boiling water, please let the boiling water cool slightly as to avoid burning the leaves. Steep for 2-5 minutes & add honey to taste. Please enjoy. The herbs in this tea are; -Motherwort -Raspberry -Honey -Rose -Hibiscus This package includes 10-2in Tea Bags, made for 1-2 cups of tea. Please drink responsibly. Safety - Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or trying to get pregnant. Do not use a week prior to or after surgery to avoid overdosing on anticholinergics. Do not use it while driving or operating machinery. Do not use if you have glaucoma, epilepsy, seizures, heart, liver, or kidney issues. Do not use if you are elderly & immunocompromised. Do not use if allergic to nightshades, aspirin (salicylate), or ragweed. Do not use if you are taking anticholinergic medications, sedatives, anxiolytics, antipsychotics, or glaucoma medications. Ask your doctor if you are not sure. Keep away from children & pets. Possible Side Effects- Dry mouth, dilated pupils, blurry vision, light sensitivity, & rapid heart rate Adverse side effects can include the loss of coordination, heart palpitations, difficulty swallowing, excessive thirst, dry fever, dizziness, restlessness, vomiting, & delirium. Seek medical attention if necessary for any adverse side effects. Disclaimer - Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Humans are complex; therefore, results may vary depending on consumption & individual physiology. Black Diamond Divination & affiliates are not responsible for consequences as a result of the misuse & misrepresentation of our products. Please be advised that you are on a site that promotes the use of & sells homeopathic & herbal supplement products that have NOT been evaluated by the FDA. All products sold are intended for spiritual & entertainment purposes & have no guaranteed outcome or results. The buyer assumes all responsibility for items once purchased. Shadow Self Herbal Tea