Seal Bonds Spell Jar Set

Seal Bonds Spell Jar Set
Brand: Etsy - MoonCrowMystic
Color: Grey
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Seal Bonds Love & Friendship Spell Jar Set. This spell jar is for those wanting to strengthen and/or solidify the bond between themselves & another. The jar contains several powerful herbs & gemstones known to seal & deepen the bonds of love & friendship. This listing is for 2 Spell jars. You may choose the size option at checkout. (Comes in Either 2 Regular Size, 2 Mini Size, or Mixed Set containing 1 Regular Size & 1 Mini Size.) Pink Salt: to protect your connection from outside influences & negativity Lavender: for sealing friendship/love bonds & deepening understanding of each other. Jasmine Flower: to promote unions. A love charm. Garnet: to increase devotion & the bonds of love. Labradorite: for enhancing communication, opening a channel between both people, & telepathic communication. Sealed with pink wax for the flow of unconditional love. (Shade of pink may vary from picture) Upon receiving this jar, hold it in your hands & visualize the outcome you desire. This will further enchant your jar. Keep one jar & give the second jar to the person in which you desire to seal your bond with. Large jars: approximately 2x1 inches Mini Jars: approximately 1x 1/2 inches Not intended for human consumption. Notice Policy Statement: All spell, energy works, & readings are provided for religious and/or divertissement purposes, providing potentials & probabilities without guarantees, as an individual’s free will may determine the experience, outcome, & limitless opportunities. This is not intended to be a substitute for help from legal or medical professions. There are no refunds issued for spells, spell jars, ritual mixtures, or readings. The purchasing of products signifies your acceptance of the policy statements & releases MoonCrowMystic/ Medium Jessica Souders from all liability. Due to a high volume of scams & package theft, refunds will not be issued for packages marked as delivered by USPS. Please contact USPS for missing packages that have been delivered. Seal Bonds Spell Jar Set