Samhain Sabbat Altar Set

Samhain Sabbat Altar Set
Brand: Etsy - CrystalTouchHealing
Color: Silver
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Samhain Sabbat Altar Set Contents 1 Beautiful Samhain Handcrafted Box 5Grimore/BOS Samhain information Sheets 1 Set of handcrafted Samhain Witches Altar Bells - Use to raise the vibration, cleansing & removing negative energies. 1 Handcrafted Samhain Prayer / Altar Beads with Raven Charm & pentagram made up of Carnelian & Black Onyx gemstones. 1 Pkt of Samhain handcrafted Incense with usage instruction sheet. Spell Candles x 3 - Orange / Black & White Orange Tea Light Holder & Tea Candle 1 Pkt Rowan Berries - Altar Offering 1 Pkt Rose Petals 1 Pkt Rue Herbs 2 Charcoal Discs with usage instruction sheet 1 Pkt of Incense Cones Samhain Sabbat Altar Set