Roots To Blooms Organic Fertilizer Tea Bags Easy Use

Roots To Blooms Organic Fertilizer Tea Bags Easy Use
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Brand: Etsy - GardenTeaCo
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These from Roots to Blooms tea bags are formulated to stimulate the root & soil zone as well as providing Phosphorus, Potassium, & Calcium in support of blooming & fruiting plants. Application: 1- Apply 1 tea bag into 1 or 5 gallons chlorine free water 2- Steep for 10 minutes or until contents in tea bag are dissolved 3- Agitate 4- Apply enhanced tea to plant root zone 1 - Large Tea Bag for 5 gallons chlorine free water Ingredients: Soluble Sunflower Hull Ash, Volcanic Trace Elements, Minerals, Humic & Fulvic Acids, Yucca, Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal Sunflower Hull Ash (0-6-36) is an organic source of Phosphorus (P) at 6%, Potassium (K) at 36%, Calcium (Ca) at 8% & also contains an array of micro nutrients. Organic potassium helps to produce strong sturdy plants, aids in the movement of sugars from leaves to developing fruits & helps increase a plants resistance to environmental stresses. MycoMineralsis volcanic trace elements, minerals, humic & fulvic acids, yucca, endo & ecto mycorrhiza. This blend provides a diverse selection of Mycorrhizae spores to inoculate soils with beneficial fungi species & a broad spectrum of micro-nutrients essential to plant health. Micro-nutrients also referred to as trace minerals are essential to proper growth in plants.The microbial activity of the mycorrhizae fungi will help break down organic nutrients into a forms available to plants. 12 Pack will make 12 gallons 24 Pack will make 24 gallons 5 Large Pack will make 25 gallons Roots To Blooms Organic Fertilizer Tea Bags Easy Use