Rockjaw® Premium Mastic Jawline Gum | Stackables | Teardrops

Rockjaw® Premium Mastic Jawline Gum | Stackables | Teardrops
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HANDPICKED & HANDPACKED. THE UK, USA & Australia’s NO.1 JAWLINE GUM! Meet the world’s first, & only flavoured mastic jaw gum. 10x STRONGER than regular gum - 10x better results. Begin your journey with ROCKJAW Jawline Gum for LESS than your average monthly coffee shop expense. What Is Stackables? A REFINED Chewing Experience Get a more refined chewing experience with smaller & stackable solid crystals, giving you more control over your chewing experience. Each pack contains 25-30 grams of fresh mastic teardrops, smaller in size for refined chewing. Chew as many pieces as you want without breaking your wallet. some teardrops may be softer than others Increase your bite force, enhance your facial aesthetics & reap the rewards of the numerous health benefits of nature’s gift to us, mastic gum, which can also be re-used! Our flavoured range is designed to give a short, refreshing burst of flavour to make the experience more enjoyable. Get a SHARPER & STRONGER jawline for less than your weekly coffee bill. BENEFITS: - Sugar-free - RECHEWABLE - 100% Natural - 10x stronger than regular gum - Handpicked crystals for optimal results - Antimicrobial properties - Improves dental hygiene & freshens breath - No dissolving like regular gum - Improves digestive health GET RESULTS: Time waits for no one. The crystals we use were chewed by caveman back in the day! It is also recommended by Dr Mike Mew (a British orthodontist that incorporated mewing into the world of dentistry) as one of the best ways to exercise the jawline. Start your transformation with ROCKJAW today & see the difference. DIRECTIONS: Chew 1 large/2 small pieces of ROCKJAW mastic gum for 40 minutes -2 hours throughout the day. Significantly larger pieces can be broken into smaller pieces. Increase volume as your jaw develops for faster results. Chew evenly on both sides, taking breaks. Just like any other muscle, it is important to continue working your jawline muscles to maintain & develop the masseter muscles. STORE in A COOL, DRY PLACE. Exposure to extreme heat may disintegrate product. For more information, visit Rockjaw Premium Mastic Jawline Gum | Stackables | Teardrops